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Slumgullion, the Executive Pig Slumgullion, the Executive Pig

written by Matt Cibula and illustrated by Tamara L. Boudreau

"A tale told in rhyme of a swine in his prime" is what our marketing people told us to say about Slumgullion, the Executive Pig. But this book is so more more than that. It's an original story of a pig who leaves the farm, learns to read, gets a job, and overcomes on-the-job anti-pig discrimination. It has inventive rhyming text and charming illustrations. It features lessons on the hazards of cruelty, the importance of being yourself, and the joys of family. And it's funny! Plus, kids love the surprise ending when Slummy . . . oops! Our marketing people don't want us to give it away. Check Slumgullion out for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Full-color illustrations; jacketed hardcover 32 pp., Grades 2 and up,
ISBN 1-55933-149-6

hardcover book ... 1496BK ... $9.95

  • Takes a gentle, entertaining approach. - BookLovers

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