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Spring Goes Squish Spring Goes Squish

Written and Illustrated by Marty Kelley

No one slanders a season like Marty Kelley. This time he goes after spring, in a hilarious rhyming tale. What's wrong with spring, you ask? As it turns out, just about everything-- rain and mud everywhere, disappearing kites, runny noses (of course), and many more vernal vexations. Our heroine's problems are brought to life through onomatopoeia ("Spring goes SCHLORP and GULP and EEEWWW!) and Marty's charming and side-splitting full-color illustrations

Written and Illustrated by Marty Kelley 2009, 32 pp., Grades preK - 3,
ISBN 1-55933-3154

hardcover book ... 2356BK ... $14.95

  • Spring Goes Squish! is a rhyming children's picture-book about a young girl's noisy experiences with the season of spring. From the Bang! and Bonk! and Crash! of a bumpy bus ride due to potholes and frost heaves, to the Crash! of her baseball accidentally shattering a window, to the Boom! of roaring thunder that scares her brother, spring is symphony of sound effects to remember! The cheery color illustrations add the perfect touch to this delightful story celebrating the ups and downs of a beloved season. --2009 Midwest Book Review

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