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  1. Introduction to our catalog
  2. Searching
  3. Ordering
  4. Privacy and Security


ZinoPress.com uses a full-featured electronic catalog system (commonly known as a shopping cart) with online ordering capability and support for SSL security. Some features are:

  • Customers maintain a "shopping cart" for ordered items
  • Encryption of credit card numbers on disk
  • Search capability
  • Works well with all browsers


To search for an item, just enter one or more words describing your interests in the text box in the left margin. The search will find products that match all of the words that you enter. For example, if you enter summer fall, you will select only those products that have both words in their titles or descriptions.


The shopping cart allows you to place an order via the web. To order, just click on a Place in cart button. Next you will see the contents of your shopping cart with the selected item entered with quantity one.

If you wish to order a different quantity, just enter the number in the quantity field and then click Recalculate to register the new quantity and see the new subtotal.

After you've filled your shopping cart, choose Checkout and fill in the requested information. We do require your telephone in case it is necessary to call you to confirm the order.

You will see an indication that SSL security is being used (for Netscape, that is an unbroken key in the lower left corner of the browser window), then you can be assured that your credit card number or other sensitive information is encrypted as it is sent over the Internet.

Privacy and Security

See our separate page about privacy and security.